It is quite obvious that blockages are one of the common plumbing problems in many homes and offices. A blocked toilet is not only unhygienic but also smells bad. Toilets are usually blocked due to various items such as sanitary products, nappies or when too much toilet papers being flushed down the toilet. Sometimes, toilet blockage can also occur when a mobile phone or kids toys accidentally end up being flushed down the toilet. The consequences of a blocked toilet can quickly turn into the serious risk of collapsed sewage systems and finally, can lead to unsanitary conditions. If you will try clearing your toilet by yourself using any equipment, there is a high chance that the object you insert may get stuck further down the drainage pipe system instead of flushing out. So doing this can be far costlier to you than a normal unblocking. In these circumstances, it is best to take an immediate action and to call in a professional expert.

Blocked toilets can cause severe functionality problems with your drains, leading to the flooding of foul water through your home. The toilets and waste pipes of your home will start to back up when your home’s main drain line gets blocked. This is very panic and unpleasant experience for most of us. In order to prevent bigger blockages building up, it is highly recommended to unblock a toilet as soon as it is noticed

If you have a blocked toilet and you need to fix it urgently, don’t waste any more time and simply contact us. We are one of Coventry’s most reliable and reputable plumbing companies that can help you get rid of all your blocked toilet drainage issues. Our experts can provide you with the best toilet unblocking service in Coventry and its surrounding areas. They will isolate the blockage of your toilet and get it cleared as quickly as possible to get your plumbing system back to normal. We have the best tools and latest equipment to unblock your residential and commercial toilets efficiently and hygienically. The people living on the ground floor flats sometimes encounter worst experience due to blocked toilets as the people in the flats above have no idea of a blockage. When they continuously use their toilets or use the showers to bath, etc, ground floor flats become flooded very quickly.

In addition, we not only provide inimitable blocked toilet solutions but we also advise our clients to never flush any wipes or nappies down the toilet and to use minimal toilet papers. If you have a blocked toilet, you can rely on us as we are able to send an experienced and competent blocked toilet specialist to your home or office 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can act fast and prevent your appliances from backing up. We only charge fixed rates, it means no hidden charges for your blocked toilets. With our efficient service, we will keep your home clean, hygiene and safe for you and your family. We carry all necessary equipment with us on the van at all times, so we can use it whenever we needed. Our services include toilet unblocking, toilet drainage, clogged toilet, and all emergency plumbing and drainage work. Our skilled experts are able to clear all types of toilet blockages. No job is too big, or too small for them to handle as they can unblock any toilet, anytime, anywhere.

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